Just don’t Hug a tree say HI to it

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Wild trees, colorful mushrooms and bloody neck unicorns are just some of the fun art work that Tina Rodas 28, makes in her Hitree studio in Highland Park located on Ave 50.
Tina Rodas left her home in Jacksonville, Florida and headed west to L.A., “The energy out here was so creative. Many people are making art and have more opportunities here to do what they want.” she said.
It was in 2007 when she was at home with her young daughter that she decided to take out her sewing machine and try to make something.
Rodas had the sewing machine for awhile, but never really knew what her style was. When she took it out she thought of one subject that she liked, trees.
“I was very determined to make a tree and I did.”

Her first art piece was a cypress tree made out of felt and from there she has refined how they look.
In 2008 Rodas stubble across the Etsy website that allows you to sell products online, while she searching on the Net.
While starting her business she already had a name in mind for it. “My daughter was always saying hi to trees so I thought that would be a great name.” And that was the beginning of Hitree.
Once she posted her art pieces, they took off. Within a week she had many people ordering her work.
Rodas had only 15-20 items on her site to sell. “I was still trying to refine my style.” Now she has gone up to roughly 50 items. Her work consist of pillows, earrings, key chains, rings, tote bags, hair pins and more.


With the growing of her art and business, Rodas needed a new place for her work.
It was then that she found a room in the Ave 50 Studio for rent in a Arroyo Secco newsletter and moved her work in January of 2009.
Working at the studio, Rodas is accompanied by other artist, Sonia Romero says compared to paintings she does, Rodas work is “Great to be accessible it is functional and usable.” “People can feel the artwork.”
Kathy Gallegos owner of Ave 50 Studio says Rodas art work is “a different art, hers is a craft. and that it how she expresses herself.”
One day while talking to each other Gallegos mentioned her leaf collection and then Rodas thought of a new idea of making the leaf earrings. “Her leaf earrings are one of her top selling items” Gallegos said.

Rodas also credits her old sketches that she drew to get new ideas. “I go back and look at it and figure out new things to make. The hardest part is trying to make the subject three dimensional.”
Rodas has many great ideas ahead. Her goal now is to have a larger scale of her handmade art work to be accessible to people and that they can appreciate her artwork.


What a game!!

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Sorry late on the post, but I have had a lot of school work since midterms are coming up every week. With school comes responsibilities and well I had to miss a little bit of the Dodger game yesterday since I had class. I did leave 15 minutes early, but I’m in Northridge and traffic coming back to LA sucks. It took me an hour
but I got there just in time for the fun!! =)..

My uncle Robert met me there and well, I got there to see Dre hit his homerun!!!!
Sitting in the baselines seats was awesome I felt up close and personal with the Dodgers. The game was itching close, and the Dodger once again coming from behind. With two outs in the ninth I was ready to walk out since I knew it was going to take forever to get out of the stadium, but I had to see my hero Loney. What a site to watch, as we all thought Holiday had the out. Wow what a missed catch that was huh?

The crowd went wild, and to see Loney run to second was a great heads up play. Our bench really came through and the unlikely hero is the one who won the game! Mark Loretta a 15 year vet coming up to the plate was ready to help his team!!!!

What a come back boys.. GOOD LUCK tomorrow in St Luis

Dodgers Clinch

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What a win and FINALLY!!!.. The game was great even though it was cold, what seemed to be a pitchers dual till the 7th innining turned out to be a Dodgers win by 5-0 over the Rockies. Clayten Kershaw out 21 year old left hander kept us in the game with 5 scoreless innings and striking out 10 batters.
Then our boys came in and did what they can with their bats scoring 5 runs.
Me and my friend then went to the box seats and waiting for the last three outs where Broxton got three out for us to win the game. We rushed down to the end of the field and watch out boys getting their NLDS shirts and hats.

They then heading to the locker room where they pop the champagne that had been seating on ice for five games!

Waiting for them to come out to greet the fans was crazy talking to fans and cheering, then they finally made it out.

OMG this was one of the most amazing days of my life, being that close to them after they won a game like this. I was greeted by Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Juan Castro, Kershaw, Randy Wolf, and Frank McCourt himself (owner).

Kemp jump up right in front of me I couldn’t resist grabbing his legs, then Kershaw came with a bottle of champagne and sprayed me and the other fans. The most sprayed I got though was from Wolf ohhh man I hid my camera as fast as I can and got drenched by him.

All in all great night GOOD LUCK DODGERS the rest of the way I’ll be there Wednesday and hopefully Thursday too

Natalie and Me interviewing eachother

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Corner of Comfort

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If you’re looking for places to meet with friends or business partners, Eagle Rock has three great locations for coffee and comfort.

Swork is a great place to go for a variety of drinks that can satisfy any craving. Many customers recommend their teas and gelato. They have a play area for kids so it is family friendly and free wi-fi with your purchase.

Coffe Table has a vast menu of food items and their coffee and espresso drinks are all 100% certified organically grown, and dine in customers get to enjoy free wi-fi and refills.

Starbucks is the comfort coffee of choice. this particular location is equipped with a large patio that accommodates anyones needs, and has weekly specials.

Map provided by Melissa Wall
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First Video!!

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My first video making!! I think I did okay..lol

Grab a Racquet and play some Tennis.

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Tennis is a great way to get excercise, and an sport that has been gaining popularity. From Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Steffi Graf and the Williams sister the game of Tennis has a great amount of talent to watch and learn from. Played in the Olympics with matches that or either singles or doubles Tennis has been a great competitive sport. There are different tournaments around the world that have helped the game of Tennis like the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbeldon and the Us Open. Here in Los Angeles there are places to join so you may learn to play as well as places to buy our equipment.