What a game!!

Sorry late on the post, but I have had a lot of school work since midterms are coming up every week. With school comes responsibilities and well I had to miss a little bit of the Dodger game yesterday since I had class. I did leave 15 minutes early, but I’m in Northridge and traffic coming back to LA sucks. It took me an hour
but I got there just in time for the fun!! =)..

My uncle Robert met me there and well, I got there to see Dre hit his homerun!!!!
Sitting in the baselines seats was awesome I felt up close and personal with the Dodgers. The game was itching close, and the Dodger once again coming from behind. With two outs in the ninth I was ready to walk out since I knew it was going to take forever to get out of the stadium, but I had to see my hero Loney. What a site to watch, as we all thought Holiday had the out. Wow what a missed catch that was huh?

The crowd went wild, and to see Loney run to second was a great heads up play. Our bench really came through and the unlikely hero is the one who won the game! Mark Loretta a 15 year vet coming up to the plate was ready to help his team!!!!

What a come back boys.. GOOD LUCK tomorrow in St Luis


~ by Monique on October 10, 2009.

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