Dodgers Clinch

What a win and FINALLY!!!.. The game was great even though it was cold, what seemed to be a pitchers dual till the 7th innining turned out to be a Dodgers win by 5-0 over the Rockies. Clayten Kershaw out 21 year old left hander kept us in the game with 5 scoreless innings and striking out 10 batters.
Then our boys came in and did what they can with their bats scoring 5 runs.
Me and my friend then went to the box seats and waiting for the last three outs where Broxton got three out for us to win the game. We rushed down to the end of the field and watch out boys getting their NLDS shirts and hats.

They then heading to the locker room where they pop the champagne that had been seating on ice for five games!

Waiting for them to come out to greet the fans was crazy talking to fans and cheering, then they finally made it out.

OMG this was one of the most amazing days of my life, being that close to them after they won a game like this. I was greeted by Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Juan Castro, Kershaw, Randy Wolf, and Frank McCourt himself (owner).

Kemp jump up right in front of me I couldn’t resist grabbing his legs, then Kershaw came with a bottle of champagne and sprayed me and the other fans. The most sprayed I got though was from Wolf ohhh man I hid my camera as fast as I can and got drenched by him.

All in all great night GOOD LUCK DODGERS the rest of the way I’ll be there Wednesday and hopefully Thursday too


~ by Monique on October 4, 2009.

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