Dodgers and their Caravan

The Dodgers started their Caravan trip this week. visiting local schools, hospitals, and fans all over the LA area. yesterday I was forunate to go to one of the events at L.A. Live in dowtown. I was the 6th person there and in my line ended up being the thitd person.  I was happy that I was there and going to be able to see some of the players. It gives me an exciting feeling on how the season will be started very soon.

I hope that I’ll be able to go to their new srping training facitly in AZ. anyway I seen some familar faces and chatted with a few of them about what they have been up to and about the Dodgers. well it was eight hours of waiting, but well worth it.  Around 3pm the staff started putting the tables and stage togehter and they moved us close to the enterance of where the players will be.

exactly at 5pm the bus came drving in and the fans were screaming and excited. they walked right passed us onto the stage and got some great shots of them on stage.

then it was time for the autgraphs and meeting the players. Blake DeWitt was the first one I came up to I said hi and gave him a picture I took of him at bat, then it was on to Garvey who I had sign my calander I got last year. then it was Andre looking so cute (wonder why he cut his hair) =(.. anyway I gave him a poster of him to sign while I was taking picturs of him!

Blake looking at the box LOL


Here is Ethier signing my poster

Overall it was a great day I was so close to winning in the raffel, but fell short in numbers!


~ by Monique on February 5, 2009.

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