Baseball is coming soon

Man I love mostly all sports, but being such a huge sports fan it is hard when there is no games on TV! Yes I can do other things in my day, but seating down to catch a game is the best thing ever.

I like to be able to sit and relax and watch the excitement of a game, but with Hockey and Basketball there are these breaks in between. The most annoying is when there are two in a row then not have other game for about three to four days uhhhh the wait is unbearable.

ok well this leads me to my headline. Baseball is just around the corner! 20 some days and catchers and pitchers report for spring training OMG I cant wait.

Being a Dodger fan I am very excited that the team has a new spring training home in AZ just a five hour dive and about two hour flight. I haven’t yet made my plans to get out there (I should hurry) but I hope to make it there.

anyway the game of baseball has 162 and most or day after day.. I love it. I can be at the ballpark all week, which i have done this previous season.

Well I’ll contunie to find other things to do when there are no games on until baseball season comes around!


~ by Monique on January 26, 2009.

One Response to “Baseball is coming soon”

  1. I have a suggestion on what you can do until baseball rolls around again, …catch a game of criket haha

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