Broncos fire Shanahan

Ok so I know I said I was an LA fan all the way, but when it com s to football.. Never was I into the Rams and with the Fakers coming into town I never liked them.. so now to tell you what team I do follow is the Denver Broncos, ok so our probably asking why?? well it’s because of my dad, who was born and raised in Colorado. He grew up with the team since they started and never looked back.

The reason I love sports is because of my father and watching him every season to rute on the Broncos win or lose is what sports is all about. I grew up watching Elway, Sharp, Lnych, McCathey, Smith, Davis just to name a few. 

Well Shanahan won the first back-to-back Super Bowls for the Broncos and coached for 14 seaons, but like the Lions making history this season so did the Broncos leadin by three games before the season ended. With three games left they lost them and had a decided game with SD this past Sunday, which they were bounded on. So sad

Well Thanks for the hard work Shanahan




~ by Monique on December 31, 2008.

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