Loving Sports

Ok so I’m new to this whole blog thing. I mean writing one of course , I read up on many other ones that I see intresting and if it’s about sports Im bound to read it.

Lets see well growing up in LA I have been a huge fan of almost all sports here from the Dodgers to the LA Kings I have loved and stuck by my teams through thick and thin!. now being an adult I have had my views brought out to diffrent leagues and continue my knowledge on other teams and players. I currently am I season ticket holder of the Kings and have a plan for Dodger tickets in hopes to one day upgrade those when I have my career!..


Ok so now to sprots talk.

As you all know Manny has yet to sign with the Dodgers. with Tex going to the Yankees there goes his chances there. every other offer has been only for three years.. He needs to come back! or not?? He brought life back and gave the Dodgers that big bat they needed all season long. now there is a source saying that the Dodgers are pursing Adam Dunn from AZ..hmmm we will see has winter roles by and into spring training that is just around the corner. Luckly the Dodger resgined Casey , who was also a big help in the lineup when he came from Cleavend… Not only do we need to keep a big bat in the lineup, butwhat about the pitching?? Lowe will be gone Saito is now free to go else where. We really need pitching!!!!

ok enough of baseball for a while now the Lakers (first off this blog will not just be LA sports, but hey I said Im an LA fan) .. ok so they had a great and rebuilding win against the Celtics, but man can’t wait till the game there in Boston wow what craziness will be in that building.

but really will the Lakers be a contending team? will their DEFENSE get stronger and better?? guess we have to wait and see

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL.. hope to hear from you soon.


~ by Monique on December 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Loving Sports”

  1. Whoo Lakers !!! I’m totally jumping on that band wagon !!!

  2. Get Manny Back Now

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