Smelling baseball in the air

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It is now getting closer to the baseball season. The Dodgers and the rest of the teams are signing players before they get into spring training. The Dodgers have signed key young players in Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Chad Billingsley, and Jonathan Broxton to two-year deals and James Loney, Russell Martin to one year deals. Now all they need to pitching that will lead them to the next step of hopefully the World Series. They just signed Vicente Padilla to the club.

The Dodgers are doing what they can to make things better this season and more memorable to fans. They just announced that they will be lower prices for spring training at the baseline area from $90 to $45-47 and will be giving free parking at Camelback Ranch.

The Dodgers are also getting ready for their annual caravan where fans get a chance to meet players at a public venue and they also make rounds to the community schools, and hospitals before heading off to Arizona for spring training!!!


Getting perpared

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Well it has been a hectic week and I haven’t even started school yet. Being in a new newsroom as been a very different experience for me. Finding the time for stories and getting it done by deadline is going to be hard, but I have to do it for school. It went passed me that I haven’t even started my other classes and wondering what kind of work I will be recieving in each one. I have to take a step back and breath!!!!

Sports now!!…..

I am so happy that Matt Kemp and Chad have signed with the Dodgers without arbitration. I still think they should be signing Ethier the same way, he has been a great impact on the Dodgers this year just like Kemp.

The Kings, wooo hoo , have been stepping up, the game against the Ducks was so awesome and they won today too with Kopi and Brown leading the way!

Lakers got Gasol back and won the Clippers, which they previously lost too a week ago. Nice to see Walton and Gasol back

Getting out of the Hood is hard

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South Central has always had one of the largest crime rates in the Los Angeles County area. But over the last five years, the crime rate has gone down. The last gang related shooting was in April 2009.
The area is controlled and patrolled by the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff. There is a lot of racial profiling. Women are often labeled prostitutes and black males have it the hardest. Most people look at the neighborhood as scum and people are guilty mainly because of association.
Athens Park, located in the area, is one of the most popular spots. Detective Gomez of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office says that Athens Park is an unincorporated part of LA County and must be handled by the LA County Sheriff. Detective Gutierrez, who patrols the park, says that it is either just kids playing in the park or there is gang related activity.
Detective Gomez, who has been with the Sheriff’s office for 11 years says that “about 90 percent of the people in the neighborhood like the Sheriff’s and the other ten percent that don’t like us because they are involved in some sort of criminal activity.” Detective Gutierrez, who has been with the LA County Sheriff’s office for 15 years, says that “making contact is good, so no arrests or tickets are given out, but other times, it is necessary to make an arrest or give a ticket. It’s really a judgment call.” He says that “safety is the number one thing. Gang members often have violent tendencies. They could be carrying firearms anytime so ensuring that civilians are not in danger is a must.”
Although the crime rate has gone down, the neighborhood is still looked down on. If you live in the area, it’s because it is hard to leave, and the only way to leave is to move out of the area or get locked up.

Face to face is key

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PR and Social Media

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Romance and Creatures

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twilight_book_coverTwilight is the most recent book I have read. What I liked about the book was that I was able to relate to the story the writer was telling. The book is not only about the vampires and werewolves in the story, but the love between to young people. The love between the two characters is what I was drawn to in the story. It is a love that most say shouldn’t even happen. Ms. Malee’s blog also describes a love that was not suppose to happen in the book called Red Cat
The book takes place mostly in a town called Forks, Washington, where a young girl named Bella Swan is the new girl in town and she meets a handsome mysterious boy at school named Edward Cullen. His family that consist of two sisters and two brothers, who are very beautiful, are all vampires. Edward and Bella fall deeply in love with each other, but it is a unforbidden love because Edward’s big secret of being a vampire. He struggle
s with his desire to drink her blood, but he loves her and doesn’t want to hurt her. Bella doesn’t care that he is a vampire and wants to become one too. The love for each other is strong and powerful which plays out with the other books as the story unfolds. Some people seem to love to read where a human becomes a different creature in the book, like David of Sasun blog where he read  The Heart of a Dog “a well-respected surgeon and his unorthodox operation that transforms a street dog into a real life human”

Stephenie Meyer wrote the series, she lives in Arizona where she is a stay at home mom of three sons and married. From there she started writing the series and went to many publisher when finally Little, Brown and Company took the chance to publish it. The book was a easy read that kept me reading and not wanting to put it down.

Hot to do

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